Coming Out

The other day when I published a letter to my family, two things happened: 1) I found some profound perspective and 2) I think I officially “came out.”

Just a little bit about the perspective. The feedback I got was completely unexpected. I half hoped it would get buried in the feeds never to be seen, but it was a message I needed to get out about my past in order to provide healing for others as well as myself. Some expressed their love for me and for our friendship, another told me how they simply let those little things go because they can empathize. The part that kept ringing in my ears was my sister’s bullet points 2 and 4: [paraphrase] you don’t fit in, and [paraphrase] nobody likes you. These are the knives that have been cutting at my soul my whole life. These are the glasses with which I’ve been looking at the world. For the first time ever, I’ve been able to take those glasses off and throw them in the trash once and for all.

Anther piece of feedback I got was that it was clear, had good theory, and was well organized. To all of those who follow my blog, Jumbles & Jots: True Confessions of a Closet Writer, I’d like to make the following announcement: I’m a writer.

It’s been very hard to stay in the closet these past few months. I’m finally back in college, majoring in English, and taking English Composition-HONORS. I kept wondering if I was in the right place, and worrying about being able to keep up. I am now working on my final essay and I am happy to report that I’m passing with flying colors. My most recent essay “Changing the Course of Childhood Obesity” will be published on My Food Therapy Voyage blog soon.

Thank you for your support! I hope to write more pieces for your enjoyment.

Published by Val Smith

Artist, writer, dreamer.

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