Layover in Minneapolis International

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning up this past month (and suffering with back/leg pain) trying to organize my thoughts and get my portfolio together as I embark on a new journey. While sifting through some old college papers, I ran across a poem I wrote two years ago after traveling to Missouri. It made me remember how much I love writing, so here is my effort to keep my blog alive and keep writing.

Layover in Minneapolis International

I'm ready for adventure!
I'm ready to see the world!
ok, so I'm heading for Missouri
to an area remote and rural.

But I'm going to meet new people!
who speak in different ways!
but with all my eavesdropping,
everyone sounds the same.

I search for an open breezeway
to take in the Minnesota air,
but the building is sealed tight
against inclement weather

and it dawns on me as I watch
the arrivals and departures
to and from
exotic places

Here in the exhale of foreign lands
may be the closest I come to adventure.
So I wash my hands
and exit the tornado shelter.

Published by Val Smith

Artist, writer, dreamer.

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