Welcome to Jumbles & Jots, my public sketch book. You may notice that each post is very different from the others. I’ve been a girl on a mission of self discovery. This is where I flesh out my thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Some posts are very personal journal entries, some are fictional stories, and some are crude skeletons of thoughts awaiting better form. This is where my adventures are born and are first introduced to the light. Some may go on to be published and others may find their permanent and only home here. I’m working on my writing skills and creating content that I can use to market myself as an artist, art teacher, and art therapist.

 I love to read, write, draw, and craft. I was first published when I was 9 years old and I love to inspire others to follow their dreams. I currently work with my dashingly handsome husband as a graphic designer and junior web developer for his company, Ethan New Media. I recently completed my marketing degree and hope to finish a degree in English as well.

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